Cordeel office


Office monitoring and optimization

We help you to measure the right parameters to create the perfect work environment for your employees. And we find your biggest water and energy hogs so you can make smart decisions to save water, energy and money.

Water and energy monitoring

Closely map your water and energy use and costs so you can take the necessary measures to start saving water, energy and money. Someone turned on the heating while the window is open? No worries, our system can automatically intervene.

We not only help you to monitor your use, we help you to strategically optimize it.



Health & safety monitoring

Create the perfect work environment and boost your employees' productivity by closely managing amongst others indoor air quality (CO, particulate matter), light intensity and temperature. 

Key benefits

Save water, energy and money

Saving water, energy and money starts with measuring your use. Our solution helps you to find the biggest energy hogs and make smart decisions.

Boost employees' productivity

Create the perfect working circumstances by measuring and managing the right parameters.

Real-time data

Monitor all crucial parameters in real time so you can intervene immediately when necessary.

Custom reporting and alerts

Tailored yo your needs and industry benchmarks, we can create custom alerts (when treshold values are exceeded) and reports.

One platform for all your buildings

Do you have to manage multiple locations? Our system allows you to easily monitor your company's building portfolio. Clear data visualizations make for easy and fast decisions.