Water and energy monitoring

Save water, energy and money

C-scan closely maps your water and energy use and costs so you can take the necessary measures to start saving energy, water and money.

How much energy and water are being consumed in all your company’s or portfolio buildings and what does that mean for your costs? How does one building (or room) compare to another and why? We monitor everything, so you can make smart decisions. We will even help you to make those decisions and to implement saving measures.

Does someone put on the heating while the window is open? You’ll know it. Even better: our system will allow you to automatically intervene. Now that’s smart energy management.


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Key benefits

Save water, energy and money

Saving water, energy and money starts with measuring your use. Our solution helps you to find the biggest energy hogs and make smart decisions. We help you turn those decisions into actions.

Real-time data

Monitor your organization's water and energy use in real time.

Detect leaks

C-scan will allow you to detect leaks fast and easily.

One platform for all your buildings

Easily monitor your company's building portfolio.
Clear data visualizations make for easy and fast decisions.

Custom reports and alerts

Get custom alerts (when treshold values are exceeded) and reports on what you find relevant and important. Time to upgrade your sustainability report with tangible data and clear goals.


First of all: if you want to start saving energy, water and money, you first need to truly understand your current use. Our system will allow you to make a detailed analysis of your current water energy use.

But we don't stop there. We can help you to analyze your use and advise you on which energy-saving measures to take. Even better: within the Cordeel Group, we already have the right energy solutions available to you.

Yes, with C-scan you'll always know how much energy for instance your solar panels, heat pumps or CHP systems are producing. You'll also know exactly how much % of your energy is green and grey.

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We will adapt the reporting and notifications to your needs. Do you need a clear overview of your portfolio buildings? That's fine. Do you want to know who and what the biggest users in your residential block are? That's perfectly possible as well. C-scan can provide you with data from specific users/rooms, but also from specific applications (e.g. fridge).

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